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George Lucas' narrative arts museum will be located in Los Angeles

George Lucas' narrative arts museum will be located in Los Angeles


After a decade of searching, the The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art has a home

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While he’s best known for his Star Wars films, something you might not know about George Lucas is that he’s an avid art collector, and he’s been trying to find a place to showcase his collection for a decade. Now it seems that his Museum of Narrative Art has found its home in Los Angeles.

Lucas has had a surprisingly difficult time trying to find a city to host the museum. He initially looked at San Fransisco’s Presidio Trust, only to have the Trust offer a smaller, alternative site. The next location was Chicago, only to be faced with a lawsuit from a conservancy group.

The museum will showcase both “high” and “popular” art

The museum has now found a home at Los Angeles’ Exposition Park. The museum is described as a “barrier free museum where artificial divisions between ‘high’ art and ‘popular art’ are absent,” housing a wide-ranging collection that features artwork from artists such as Edgar Degas and Pierra-Auguste Renoir and popular artwork from artists such as Norman Rockwell and Maxfield Parrish.

In addition to breaking down the barriers between high and low art, the museum has been billed as a “classroom for the imagination,” focusing on how art is created. It will include a number of theaters, classroom space, and lecture halls, and will have a rich programming schedule that will allow student filmmakers to screen their films, and will host visiting artists, workshops, and after-school programs.

The project is expected to cost upwards of $1 billion, which will come almost entirely from the Star Wars filmmaker. Construction is expected to begin this year and will be completed by 2020.