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ESPN adds support for Apple’s iOS single sign-on

ESPN adds support for Apple’s iOS single sign-on

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ESPN updated its iOS apps yesterday to add some new options for sports fans looking to get video content on other devices: support for Apple's iOS single sign-on, and Chromecast support in the flagship ESPN app.

Apple launched single sign-on for the Apple TV and iOS platforms over a month ago, but the service is still missing some fairly major partners on both the app and cable company sides. Shortly after the feature was launched, ESPN parent company Disney added support for its Watch ABC and Watch Disney apps, so ESPN joining the platform isn't a total surprise.

Additionally, the ESPN iOS app also works with Chromecast, should you prefer to use Google’s hardware instead of Apple’s for watching TV. It’s a feature that’s been in the company’s streaming-focused WatchESPN app for years on both Android and iOS, but it’s nice to see it in the regular ESPN app as well.

The new update is available now for both the ESPN and WatchESPN apps on the iOS App Store.