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Adobe is working on a voice-activated digital assistant that can edit pictures for you

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What if Siri could edit your pictures for you? That's essentially the question Adobe Research hopes to answer with a digital assistant for editing photos, a new project that the software company unveiled yesterday.

The video depicts a modified version of one of Adobe's photo apps that features a microphone button, which activates a digital assistant that interacts with the user and helps crop, reframe, and share the picture entirely though voice commands.

The video is a proof of concept for the idea, which Adobe hopes will allow for "image editing either locally through on-device computing or through a cloud-based Natural Language understanding service." While the edits being done are relatively simple, it's easy to imagine how Adobe could build out the system for automating more complex tasks. The company is setting a high goal for the project, noting that it's merely "a first step” toward a voice-based interface that’ll include a search function alongside editing tools.

For now, the concept is just that: a concept. But with the current trend in the industry toward digital assistants — particularly, Amazon's Alexa service — it's entirely possible we'll see more of Adobe's photo-editing bot further down the line.