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You’ll be able to preorder a Nintendo Switch on Friday (in NYC, at least)

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Supplies will be limited, obviously

Nintendo is releasing more details on the upcoming Nintendo Switch later this week, but the first piece of official news has already dropped. The New York-based Nintendo store Twitter account announced that a “limited quantity” of preorders for the new console will be available this Friday, January 13th at 9AM ET at the Nintendo World NY location.

Given the huge level of anticipation for the Switch, and recent supply problems with the NES Classic, it’s reasonable to assume that the Switch will probably be extremely difficult to buy for some time. So if you’re looking to be one of the first to get Nintendo’s newest console, you might want to start lining up now. In any event, it’s likely that the supply will not last long for preorders on Friday.

We’ve reached out to Nintendo to clarify if Switch preorders will be available online or in other regions, and will update this post if we have more information.