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Attention: This Gravity Rush 2 trailer stars the world's cutest flying cat

Attention: This Gravity Rush 2 trailer stars the world's cutest flying cat


And recalls the glory days of weird ads

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At first, Gravity Cat may seem like your average kitten. It crawls on laptops when you’re trying to work. It knocks over liquids with a troll-like speed. It gets into trouble, strutting on the ceiling and then flipping your entire apartment upside down.

This video is an ad for Gravity Rush 2 (also known as Gravity Daze 2 in Japan), in which heroine Kat and her actual cat manipulate gravity. If Gravity Rush 2 is the first great game of 2017, this is 2017’s first great trailer. Scratch that: this is one of the greatest game trailers in recent memory. Its first-person perspective provides great close-ups of the cutest kitten I’ve seen in a minute. Oh, there’s also a lot of cool gravity-flipping effects viewed through a soft and gentle Instagram filter.

There is one downside to all this: You may come away feeling unsatisfied with your own feline friend. On a good day, my cat can provide decent leg-warming services. One time, he fished a live cockroach out of my trash can. This was cool because I didn’t know such a monster even existed within five feet of my apartment. It was not cool because he didn’t actually kill it — he played with it for 10 seconds and then sauntered off to nap while I screamed. Now I’m wondering why he didn’t just eject it into space.

Gravity Rush 2 launches January 20th for PlayStation 4. If you’re still wondering if the trailer is worth a watch, let me just add one really important thing: