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Oh boy, Netflix’s iBoy movie sure looks like a wild ride

Oh boy, Netflix’s iBoy movie sure looks like a wild ride

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Netflix released the official trailer for its original movie iBoy today, and boy oh boy, we’re in for an interesting two hours. The film is about a teen named Tom (Bill Milner) who is in an unrequited love situation with a girl named Lucy (Game of Thrones’ Maisie Williams). When they get attacked by a local gang together (classic teen romance!), pieces of his smartphone somehow end up embedded in his brain. He also gets a gnarly scar that runs down the whole left side of his head, making him look cool and scary.

Because there’s technology in his brain now, Tom sees and hears all internet and phone calls, and I guess some other stuff too because at one point he just glances at a bad guy’s leg and sees an image implying that the knee is weak and he should kick it. The internet is sort of his superpower!

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This feels to me like an obvious rip off of the Teletoon show Braceface, in which a young lady’s braces pick up radio waves and cell phone signals and get her into trouble, as well as a more subtle rip off of Jake 2.0, a TV show in which a boy’s brain gets filled with technology and he develops superpowers.

We do have a couple questions about this film, including: “What happens when it’s 10 years later and Tom’s brain is impossible to upgrade?” and “iBoy?” If we watch it, we’ll make sure to do so in a quiet, safe setting where there’s no chance of the required technology exploding into our skulls.

iBoy follows the standard superhero plot of “nerdy boy becomes a vigilante and buys some Vans to indicate that he is now a little bit hot.” It is coming to Netflix on January 27th.