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Battery packs on second-generation Boosted Boards recalled

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The Consumer Product Safety Commission is officially issuing a recall for the battery pack on the second-generation Boosted Board. The news follows two reported incidents of smoking batteries, an issue that Boosted had previously announced it was working with the CPSC to resolve.

The recall impacts around 3,300 Boosted Dual+ skateboards. Boosted is recommending that owners stop using the Boards immediately; it’s also urging owners to visit its website for more information on the recall and how to replace the battery.

There haven’t been any other reports of smoking batteries beyond the initial two that began the investigation into the issue, but it seems that the CPSC is concerned enough to issue a full recall. Boosted is reporting on its Facebook page that the issue was caused by water creating a “short-circuit in the battery electronics” and isn’t related to to any direct issues with the lithium-ion cells. As a result, Boosted will no longer be marketing the second-generation board as water resistant and “strongly recommend[s] against riding in water or wet environments.”

Boosted had previously noted in a post from last week that it has the issue resolved, and is planning to resume shipping boards in February.