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This Apple Watch stand turns your smartwatch into a miniature Macintosh

This Apple Watch stand turns your smartwatch into a miniature Macintosh


The Elago W3 is only $15 on Amazon

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Every once in a while, you stumble upon a must-have product. These purchases combine low cost and supreme utility with an overabundance of cool, geek, or nostalgia factor. The Elago W3 Apple Watch stand hits every one of those checkboxes. It’s a $15 silicone smartwatch stand that makes your Apple device look like a miniature Macintosh, equipped with a floppy drive cutout and everything.

A fitting stand for a wrist computer more powerful than a 1984 desktop

It supports Apple’s nightstand mode, so you can use your tiny Macintosh replica as an alarm clock on your bedside table. It also works Apple Watch Series 1 and Series 2, including both the 38mm and 42mm versions.

The product engineering involved here is not too complicated. The small plastic charging puck for the Apple Watch slips into a recessed circular hole in the stand and the cable is tucked under. The Apple Watch then slides in, where it can be removed easily. The straps can also tie around the back of the stand. Yet you can also remove the band if you want to have the full 1984 Apple desktop experience (minus the keyboard and mouse, miniature replicas of which do not come included).

Elago makes a number of other neat Apple Watch accessories all sold through Amazon or on its website. But this one — for just $15 — is clearly the only smartwatch stand you’ll ever need.

- Via: Business Insider
- Source: Elago (Amazon)