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Nintendo Switch’s first exclusive title is a party game called 1-2-Switch

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A multiplayer social experience that doesn’t rely on the screen

The first exclusive game for Nintendo’s new Switch console is a party game called 1-2-Switch. The title was announced onstage at the company’s Switch launch event in Japan today, and it will act as a kind of spiritual successor to Wii Sports. 1-2-Switch relies on both bundled Joy-Con controllers, which will act as a wide variety of different handheld objects, from revolvers for a Western shoot out to ping pong paddles for a game of virtual table tennis.

The game uses the Joy-Con’s various components — including its IR camera, motion sensors, and new HD rumble technology for object and depth recognition — to let you and a friend play the game without having to look at the screen. In a short demo video, players were shown doing a huge variety of activities, many relying on motion control and wireless interaction between the two Joy-Con controllers.

1-2-Switch is confirmed to have a March 3rd release date alongside the new console, although It’s unclear if the game will be bundled with the Switch. Considering Wii Sports was bundled with the initial Wii, Nintendo could very well do the same for 1-2-Switch to give new owners of the console a social experience to play around with.