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Nissan will begin testing its self-driving Leaf electric cars in London next month

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Nissan will begin conducting tests of its self-driving cars in London starting in February, according to a report in Reuters. The Japanese automaker, which announced recently its plans to produce a new version of its Leaf electric vehicles, said it will test modified versions of that model on public streets in London.

Last year, Nissan unveiled its Pro Pilot autonomous driving technology designed for single-lane highway use. In addition to the Leaf, the automaker says it can be used with Nissan’s Serena minivan and Qashqai crossover. (We’ve reached out to Nissan for more details on the nature of its London testing and will update this story when we hear back.)

The self-driving Leafs will be hitting the road in London around the same time that Volvo plans to deploying a fleet of autonomous XC90 SUVs in the British capital as part of its Drive Me research project. Academic groups like the Oxford Robotics Institute began testing self-driving vehicles on public roads outside of London late last year.