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Nvidia’s leaked Shield Portable is the Switch competitor we may never see

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FCC filings show off the device

A few months ago, rumors were flying that a new Nvidia Shield Portable might be on the way. Newly uncovered Federal Communications Commission filings have given us our first look at what a new version of the flip-up portable Android-based console could look like.

The original Shield was released back in 2013, and while Nvidia has since released a variety of tablets and set-top boxes under the Shield branding, the rebranded Shield Portable hasn’t had a major update since it launched.

The news is especially interesting on the heels of this week’s Nintendo Switch announcement, given that the Switch uses a custom Tegra processor, just like the Shield. A new Shield Portable would throw some interesting competition into the mix for the upcoming Nintendo device.

Unfortunately, the odds of the second-generation Shield coming to market seem somewhat slim, given that the documents were submitted to the FCC on July 15th, 2016. Barring some extraordinary reason for Nvidia to delay the device, it seems probable that the company decided to cancel the product sometime after filing for approval.