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Tesla’s latest Autopilot update rolls back its speed cap on undivided roads

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An update in December angered some drivers

Tesla Oberhaeuser

In December, Tesla rolled out a new update that limited vehicles driving with its Autopilot engaged to drive at the speed limit on an undivided road. The move was met with protests from drivers, and now, a new update will once again allow vehicles to cruise along slightly above the posted limit.

Prior to December’s update, drivers had been able to set their vehicle to drive at up to 5 miles above the posted speed limit on roads and undivided highways. This new update ( allows drivers to set their speed at slightly above the posted speed.

The change was noticed by a Tesla driver who posted their finding to Reddit. Elon Musk also confirmed the news on Twitter, who responded to a query about it.

The rollback should appease drivers who were irritated with the December update, which not only restricted speeds, but included safety features which recommended lower speeds to drivers based on the vehicle’s surroundings. TechCrunch notes that the new update helps reflect some realities on the road: traffic doesn’t always follow the posted speed limit.