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Download your Vine clips today, while you still can

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Vine for Windows Phone

If you're reading this on January 17th, you've only got a few hours left to download any of your Vines that you want to keep for the future. Today marks the day that Vine's mobile app becomes Vine Camera, as announced in December last year, and all the videos that remain on the service will soon be shifted to an archive mode.

It's not clear how long Twitter will keep those archived Vines online for, but in clarifying its original October announcement of Vine's death, it did specify that users should download any of their own creations before January 17th. You can download the clips via the Vine app or desktop site, and choose them individually, or elect to receive an email with them all included. If you grab them from the site, you'll also get an index of your captions, comments, likes, and shares, but if you download them from the app, you'll get nothing extra.

The rebranded Vine Camera, which will come into effect today, still lets users take short videos as before, but there won't be an optioned to upload them to the imminently archived Vine. Instead, you'll be able to save them to your camera roll, or upload them to Twitter.