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Young Thug’s Wyclef Jean video explains how it got made, without Young Thug

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Young Thug’s video for “Wyclef Jean,” the first track on last year’s Jeffery, cost $100,000 to make, and its star never even showed up. At least, that’s according to director Ryan Staake, who pulled together a music video that tells the story of its own creation.

The clip begins with a recording of Thugger’s ideas for the video, which one of which includes women riding around in toy electric cars. Staake tells viewers his editing secrets (he cobbled together a scene after cops shut it down, he changed the color of a woman’s bikini in post-production), and his ideas that never came to fruition.


When Young Thug eventually shows up for a shoot, he refuses to get out of the car because his Instagram has just been hacked. Later, he sends Staake some footage of himself eating Cheetos — it’s the only time he appears in the video.


For a Young Thug video, it’s definitely lacking in Young Thug screen time, but it’s still a pretty neat look at how the sausage (oh, and there is sausage here) gets made.