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Super Mario in the real world would be way too real

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Super Mario Odyssey for the Nintendo Switch was announced only days ago, and already the internet is offering up parodies. While the original announcement teaser shows Mario in a New York City-like metropolis, this video asks: what if Mario lived in Liberty City? Mayhem right? Yeah, all the mayhem.

Using a whole host of mods for Grand Theft Auto IV, YouTube user CrowbCat turns Niko Bellic into a brightly colored plumber with a giant head and parkour skills, which is a surprisingly apt description of Super Mario if your first instinct isn’t to picture Bob Hoskins. (Shudder.) He sight-sees, breakdances, and steals helicopters. He also gets punched out by gang members and falls over a lot. Life in Liberty City sure takes its toll.

This video successfully manages to one-up the short Robot Chicken made a few years back featuring Mario and Luigi driving into Vice City. Except for, you know, the duo being brutally murdered.

All things considered, this take is a good deal more positive!