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CA representative says she’ll skip Trump’s inauguration in response to a Twitter poll

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Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

Representative Karen Bass (D-CA) will skip President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration after “an overwhelming response” to a poll she conducted on Twitter. Bass announced the news today, along with a screenshots of the majority “no” results.

Bass posted the poll on January 15th, saying that she wished to hear directly from her constituents. She represents California's 37th District, including Culver City, Los Angeles, and South LA; since Twitter polls are open to all users, however, anyone could have participated in her poll. On Twitter, Bass has been critical of Trump, especially in response to his recent inflammatory and ignorant comments about civil rights icon and congressman John Lewis.

As the president-elect hunts for inauguration attendees on Facebook, no more than 900,000 people are expect to attend according to various estimates — far below the “record setting-turnout” the upcoming president promised. But the event might set records in other areas. More than 50 Democratic lawmakers, including Representative Bass, have refused to attend.