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Jawbone’s CFO has left the company

Jawbone’s CFO has left the company


Can Jawbone save itself?

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Jawbone Up4 NFC

The chief financial officer of Jawbone, the troubled consumer tech company that made popular Bluetooth speakers and the UP activity tracker, has left the company, The Verge has learned.

Former CFO Jason Child had joined Jawbone in July 2015 from Groupon, where he had served as chief financial officer for nearly five years and took the company public. According to Child’s LinkedIn profile, he is now on the global advisory board of the business school at the University of Washington.

Jawbone declined to comment on the departure.

The departure signals more uncertainty around Jawbone’s financial future as the company restructures itself. (It’s also highly unlikely, at this point, that Jawbone had a need for an IPO-savvy CFO.)

Last year, Jawbone stopped making its UP activity trackers and also put its audio business up for sale, which had been its original line of business. In July, The Verge reported exclusively that Jawbone’s top product executive had left. Multiple sources have said that Jawbone no longer sees itself as a direct-to-consumer tech company, and that it is now trying to make advanced health sensors that it would sell to other companies.

Earlier this month the Financial Times reported that Jawbone was looking to raise additional funding, and that the company had been approached by Fitbit within the past year, but talks ended after Fitbit suggested a price far below the $1.5 billion figure that Jawbone once valued itself at. Over the past year and a half Jawbone and Fitbit were also embroiled in a series of lawsuits over patents and trade secrets.