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What do we think of Mozilla’s new logo?

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:) or :/ ?


After months of publicly sharing its brand-redesign process, Mozilla has settled on a new logo from the shortlist of seven finalists. The options ranged from bizarre to retro to quirky, but in the end, the company landed on the most simple and predictable choice: the Protocol.

The new logo is a wink at its internet roots, replacing the “ill” in Mozilla with “://” instead. The font choice has also improved a bit from what we last saw in August (the wordmark now uses an original typeface created for the company), but it’s still pretty plain and simple.

Engadget notes that the second version of the Protocol logo was actually more striking. I agree, though the alternative color combinations were way too busy. You build internet stuff, not host raves!

In a blog post, Mozilla’s creative director Tim Murray says the nod to the URL “reinforces that the Internet is at the heart of Mozilla.” The company has also opted to forego the use of a picture icon, instead asking the creative community to help contribute to its brand identity collectively.

So here we are seven months later with a logo that came to be because of all your input. What do we think?