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Mark Zuckerberg has a small army of Facebook employees who delete comments on his page

Mark Zuckerberg has a small army of Facebook employees who delete comments on his page

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Photo by Frank Zauritz - Pool /Getty Images

Mark Zuckerberg’s personal Facebook page looks unusually good for a busy CEO. He’s posted heartwarming photos of his family, engaging statuses, and amusing videos. He’s even sometimes responded to random commenters’ thoughts. What a guy. But if anyone was under the delusion that Zuckerberg toils away every night keeping his Facebook fresh, Bloomberg Businessweek is here to crush those dreams.

Zuckerberg relies on a team of at least 12 people to delete harassing comments and spam from his page while an additional team manages his communications and writes his posts and speeches, Bloomberg reports. Facebook also employs personal photographers to capture Zuckerberg in the wild. One of those photographers, Charles Ommanney, previously covered the refugee crisis in Syria for The Washington Post. No, Zuckerberg doesn’t run a country, just a social media platform with a billion users.

We know Zuckerberg, the guy who wants to bring internet to the developing world with Facebook-branded drones, has a bit of an ego issue. Have you seen The Social Network? But it’s wild that he employs a massive team to take care of his personal page, although again, it’s not completely unexpected. His page clearly serves as his primary vessel for interacting with the community and ensuring people see the full potential of his platform.

With Facebook suffering from a deluge of fake news, the company’s drone being put under investigation for a structural failure, and Oculus going to court over allegations of stealing trade secrets, it’s cringeworthy to learn that so many human resources are dedicated to keeping Zuckerberg’s Facebook page looking perfect.