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Deliveroo launches a flat monthly subscription for food deliveries in the UK

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Pay per month or per year to waive delivery fees

Would you pay a monthly or yearly subscription to waive the delivery fee from your favorite food service? Deliveroo is testing out the idea, launching a new trial service in six cities in the UK — Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Brighton, and York. (London, strangely, is not on the list.)

The scheme costs £8.99 per month or £89 per year, while the service’s usual delivery fee is £2.50 per order. So, you’d need to order takeout from Deliveroo at least four times a month or 36 times a year to save money on it. That certainly won’t be outside the realms of possibility for some customers, although it does tie you to a single service. Postmates offers a similar subscription service in the US.

Updated January 20th, 2017: Updated to mention Postmates, which offers a similar service in the US.