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X-23 is the real star in the latest trailer for Logan

X-23 is the real star in the latest trailer for Logan


‘She’s like you, very much like you’

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A new trailer for Logan dropped this morning, giving us our best look yet of X-23, the younger, female clone of Wolverine, while also saying goodbye to Hugh Jackman’s titular character.

The trailer opens with a young girl shoplifting in a convenience store. When she’s confronted by the store’s cashier (who looks suspiciously like former Quicksilver Aaron Taylor-Johnson), she violently attacks him, only to be stopped by Hugh Jackman’s Logan, who tells her “Not okay!” before grabbing a couple of cigars off the counter as he ushers her out.

That girl is Laura Kinney, a female clone of Logan and the future Wolverine, and the rest of the trailer helps set up her importance to the story. Logan is helping Professor X as their powers fade, and get caught up with protecting the girl as a powerful corporation sets their sights on her. Capturing her appears to be harder than they thought, especially when she sprouts claws of her own. Logan, for his part, is reluctant to take on the role of mentor.

There’s a fun meta moment that plays into that here. Logan tosses a comic book on the bed of a hotel room: it’s a copy of The Uncanny X-Men. “We got ourselves an X-Man fan. Maybe a quarter of it happened, and not like this,” he says.

The trailer sets up what appears to be a transitional moment for the X-Men franchise. With Hugh Jackman leaving the franchise, the film appears ready to hand off its future to a new Wolverine.

Logan hits theaters on March 3rd.