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Unicode Committee will meet next week to discuss adding redhead emoji

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Will it finally be time for ginger justice?


Ginger emoji are in the works, according to a report by Emojipedia. The Unicode Committee will be meeting next week at the Apple campus in Cupertino, CA to discuss how to implement emoji with red hair in upcoming Unicode standards.

A proposal suggests several methods for adding a red-headed option. One would be to offer a man or woman emoji with red hair, for which users can pick the skin tone. Another would be to add red hair and white skin as a modifier option for current emoji that can be customized.


The simplest option proposed would be to adapt the person with blond hair emoji to give it a more strawberry blond shade.

Emojipedia notes that with less than 2 percent of the population having red hair, the chances of adding a ginger hair modifier to all customizable emoji seem slim. But at the very least, it seems the committee is entertaining the idea of adding any kind of red-headed representation. Meanwhile, left handers make up about 10 percent of the population and there’s only a right-handed writing emoji. Just saying, Unicode!

If accepted, the earliest we’d see a ginger emoji appear would be in 2018. Until then, just one emoji has hair that would be considered closest to red. Unfortunately, it’s also the most terrifying.