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Latest Power Rangers trailer gives us a first glimpse at Zordon and the Megazord

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Revel in Bryan Cranston’s giant floating face

The live-action Power Rangers reboot is about two months away from release, and its second official trailer dropped earlier today with some much-needed cameos from franchise favorites. Not only is this the first glimpse at Bryan Cranston’s Zordon, the floating galactic sage who mentors the Power Rangers by way of his giant holographic face, but we also get to the Zords in action as well.

The mechanical (or biomechanical?) robots show up about two thirds of the way through the trailer in what feels very much like the CGI overindulgence employed in Michael Bay’s Transformers movies. We also get to see the robots’ combined Megazord form for a brief moment. It definitely adds to the Optimus Prime vibes that have defined Hollywood’s ultra-serious takes on children’s TV. Still, with Elizabeth Banks as villain Rita Repulsa and a cast of relatively unknown but promising young actors taking up the Ranger roles, this film is shaping up to be the Power Rangers we were always meant to have.

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