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    Get the new Verge CES 2017 shirt while you can!

    Get the new Verge CES 2017 shirt while you can!

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    Hello! I see you, too, are recovering nicely from all the New Year-ing. Good riddance to 2016 is what I say.


    Ah yes, you’re here about the new Verge shirts. Of course, of course. They just arrived today, in fact! As I’m sure your discerning eye could tell, these are very special shirts.

    What makes them so special?

    Well aside from their unique CES 2017 design, you can now get them in a unisex cut or a fitted one. Depending on what one such as yourself would prefer.


    I’ve been told these shirts will only be available for a short time. Only until January 17th apparently. Then all that remains will be locked away, buried beneath the ruins of a lost civilization.

    Or so they tell me.

    So you would think these shirts must be far too expensive for a person to be able to afford, but they are in fact only as expensive as our other shirts. Quite a deal then don’t you think?

    You’ll want to head right this way to get your own before they run out.