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Windows 10's new power slider lets you improve battery life or performance

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Microsoft is testing a new Windows 10 feature that will let users quickly adjust power options to improve battery life or performance. The software giant has added a power slider option to the main battery section of the taskbar, which greatly improves power management in Windows 10. Currently, Windows 10 users have to dig back into the classic Control Panel interface to fully adjust power preferences, but this slider now makes it easier for anyone to quickly adjust battery life.

It’s part of a new Windows 10 build (15014) that’s being tested by Windows Insiders, and Microsoft is promising further battery life “investments” in upcoming test versions of the OS. The latest update also includes a new ebook store and the ability to pick a custom color for the accent colors found across Windows 10. Microsoft is also adding in a new option to let Windows 10 automatically free up space on a PC by deleting temporary files and items that have been in the recycle bin for 30 days. Microsoft will deliver all of these new features as part of the Windows 10 Creators Update in April, but if you want to test them early you can sign up to be a Windows Insider and access the fast ring releases ahead of April.