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Shia LaBeouf started a four-year anti-Trump live stream this morning

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Shia LaBeouf, live-streamer extraordinaire, opened his latest project to the public at 9AM ET this morning. It’s called He Will Not Divide Us, and yes, it’s a live stream. A camera will be planted outside the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens for the next four years. Visitors will be able to stand in front of the camera and chant LaBeouf’s provided mantra... or just stare, dead-eyed, until the unending waves of terror feel like a distant memory.

Four years might be Shia’s longest live stream, but it’s nothing compared to some long-running animal cams, and the often-glitchy Fogcam, which has been live in San Francisco since 1994.

There seem to be a few dozen people on the stream right now, but it is Inauguration Day, and the crowds are likely to dwindle as the years stretch out ahead of us.