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The Women’s March on Washington has an official app for live updates

The Women’s March on Washington has an official app for live updates

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Hundreds of thousands of women (and men!) will march in Washington, DC tomorrow to protest the Trump administration’s stances on numerous civil rights issues.

In light of the obvious logistical hurdles for an event that large, the march now has an official app that’s vital for organization and live updates. The app has information about the day’s scheduled speakers, the march route, transportation, accessibility concerns, and safety, as well as an Instagram-inspired feed where marchers are sharing photo dispatches from their travels.

Most of the information is available on the Women’s March website, but the app will be used to send out logistics updates throughout the weekend and to notify participants of meet-and-greats and sign-making events throughout the city. You’ll need to create a profile to use the app — the simplest way is to link the account to your LinkedIn. And who knows: maybe you can be a bodily reminder of the fact that the GOP has no popular mandate to restrict women’s reproductive options / health care and do some networking at the same time.

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If you’re still deliberating on the perfect sign slogan, scrolling through the feed might be helpful. The best one I saw in a cursory scroll was “WTF.”

The Women’s March on Washington app is a free download on iOS and Android.