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Abbi and Ilana freak out about Trump in new Broad City promo

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‘People are just gonna be peein’ on other people!’

In an extremely timely new spot promoting the next season of Broad City, Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer show how ready they are for Trump’s America, even if they’re completely undone by today’s inauguration. The entire spot takes place during a lengthy FaceTime call the duo are having, with Abbi trapped in an elevator and Ilana hoarding supplies like a doomsday prepper. “Abbi, it is about to get I Am Legend up in here,” she tells her, not long before the inauguration finally happens.

The entire bit was clearly made recently, with the comedians making references to not only Trump’s sexual predation, but also to the BuzzFeed memo that alluded to golden showers. The spot is yet another example of shows vying to stay hyper-current in the vein of South Park, especially as the new administration takes the White House.

The fourth season of Broad City will premiere this August.