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You can now animate your VR drawings using Google’s new Tilt Brush Toolkit with Unity integration

People have made some pretty cool things in Google’s Tilt Brush VR painting app. But until now paintings made in Tilt Brush have pretty much been stuck in Tilt Brush, with no easy way to integrate those creations with other programs.

That changes today with Google’s open-source release of Tilt Brush Toolkit, which includes Python scripts and a Unity SDK for exporting Tilt Brush projects. Google is specifically highlighting the Unity integration, allowing users to use Tilt Brush sketches in Unity itself with the same materials, shaders, and even the audio responses from the Tilt Brush app. Developers will be able to use those 3D paintings in games, animations, and even other interactive content — essentially, anything that can be created with Unity will be able to use the Tilt Brush Toolkit integrations. Google has provided a list of ideas and details on how that will work with Unity in a helpful guide here, for developers looking to get started on new VR creations.

The Tilt Brush Toolkit is available now on GitHub.