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President Trump's first White House petition: release your tax returns

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Democracy at its finest

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That didn’t take long. A petition for new US president Donald Trump to release his tax returns has already appeared on, the administration’s official website. In fact, it’s the first petition to appear on the newly-updated website.

How is it possible that the new website of President Trump, who has refused to release his tax returns to date — in fact, went as far as saying he was “smart” for not paying them — would even show such a petition? Well, back in September 2011, the Obama administration created this section of the site as a way for citizens to get involved and garner the attention of the government on issues that mattered to them. Basically, it’s a leftover from what already feels like an era from long ago.

As of this writing the tax petition has more than 23,000 signatures. If it reaches 100,000, the White House has to give an “official update” within 60 days, at least according to the website itself. No telling how Trump’s office would respond, if the petition amassed enough signatures, but it wouldn’t be entirely surprising if it was a 140-character response of some sort.