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New trailers: Logan, Power Rangers, and more

New trailers: Logan, Power Rangers, and more


Take your mind off that inauguration thing for a few minutes

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Power Rangers movie still

Some weeks, you really need the pick-me-up of a movie, and for a lot of us, this is one of them. So while it's not exactly a long-term solution, I finally caught La La Land this week, and it's one of the few things that's been able to take my stress level down in a good two months.

I'm not usually a fan of musicals, but there's just something about La La Land’s long-take dance sequences, careful choreography of actors and camera, and the wonderful, bright colors peppered throughout every scene that make it a complete joy to watch. Highly recommended on a weekend where we could all use a breather.

Check out 11 trailers from this week below.


Hugh Jackman's final outing as Wolverine looks as action packed as you'd expect, but I certainly didn't expect it to look quite as personal and emotional as it seems to be hinting at in this trailer. It looks like the film is both a send-off to one generation and an introduction to the next. It's coming out March 3rd.

Power Rangers

Here's the first full-length trailer for the Power Rangers movie. It's clear this is going to be a pretty campy movie, the question now is whether the actors will have fun with that campiness or just come off looking silly. This trailer doesn't exactly leave me feeling encouraged. It comes out March 24th.

Santa Clarita Diet

I think probably the less you know about this before clicking play, the better. So I will just say that you should definitely click play.

Deidra & Laney Rob a Train

Deidra & Laney Rob a Train is headed to Sundance next week, but it's already been picked up by Netflix for a March 17th release. It's a comedy about a couple of teenagers who decide to start robbing trains, which is an excellent conceit as far as I'm concerned.


The cast of Powerless is like a niche, nerdy dream team, but the material they have to work with is... fun and modern but maybe kind of already played out? Anyway, NBC's new sitcom is just one giant opportunity to make superhero jokes, and there really ought to be a lot of great material nowadays. Maybe once we're seeing more than what's in the pilot, things'll get a little more interesting. The show starts February 2nd.

Journey To The West 2: Demon Chapter 

Kung Fu Hustle director Stephen Chow wrote this absolutely ludicrous looking action-comedy about... I don't really even know, but visually, it looks pretty incredible. I wish more action movies got this ridiculous.


This is a very unconventional monster movie, and I kind of love it. Anne Hathaway stars. There's a giant freaky Godzilla / alien thing terrorizing Seoul. They're connected in unexpected ways. Just watch like 30 seconds of this trailer to see what it's all about. The movie comes out April 7th.

Abstract: The Art of Design

This trailer might be a biiiit much, but the series seems like it could be neat. Abstract is an eight-episode series that profiles designers and their work, looking at everything from furniture and shoes to cars and buildings. All episodes premiere February 10th.

City of Tiny Lights

One of the few good things to come out of 2016 was a widespread desire to see Riz Ahmed everywhere. So here's his latest: a noirish crime film set in London that has Ahmed playing a detective searching for a missing woman. It comes out April 7th in the UK but doesn't appear to have a US release date yet.

A Dark Song

The Witch was one of last year's best horror movies, and this first trailer for A Dark Song reminds me of it quite a bit — it seems to be a horror film based around seriously creepy occult stories rather than sudden scares. The film is going to be distributed by IFC, but it doesn't appear to have a release date just yet.


With Sundance next week, a ton of trailers for some excellent looking new films have been coming out. I'm mostly not including them here, since it'll be a while before most actually get a wide release, but I can't help but include this one: Kuso is the first film by the musician Flying Lotus, and it looks incredibly strange. Just watch it.