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The pros and cons of owning a furry blue phone case

The pros and cons of owning a furry blue phone case


Should I name it?

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I went to Los Angeles last week and visited a fabled place called the Super Mall. It’s a dingy spot where I got a bad manicure and almost bought an airbrushed T-shirt. It was a time. While there, I also found a few phone case retailers and decided to buy a furry blue case for my iPhone. This is my review of that case after a week of use.

Let’s first address the case’s aesthetic. Nilay Patel says it gives him a ‘70s vibe. Lizzie Plaugic says it looks like some kind of creature. I agree with both these sentiments. Given that while in LA I bought a pair of yellow-tinted sunglasses and wore wide-leg jeans nearly every day, the ‘70s feel is probably what called me to the case. That, and its baby blue color, which feels appropriately 2017.

You might notice the case also features a bejeweled opening with a little bow around the camera. I didn’t love this feature when I bought it, but it’s starting to grow on me. It’s sort of endearing in a bad way, like my friends who have tacky taste but I love anyway because they’re great people.

The case was plush and bouncy when I first bought it. I could brush my hand over its fur and not feel super gross afterward. Now, however, I can’t help but think about how many germs are tangled in its fur every time I touch it or put it against my face. I almost don’t want to touch it? But I also don’t want to get rid of it.

The fur’s getting a bit ratty, too. Check back in with me next week, I bet the case will have little crusted bits stuck to it by then. I’m still not sure I’d be ready to retire it at that point.

Why keep the case, you’re probably wondering. I’m asking myself that question, too. It collects dirt, might even smell, is probably harboring a bacteria unknown to scientists, and is audacious. It’s not a good case. Really, it’s not. I paid $10 for it, and it’s probably worth $2, if that. It doesn’t even keep my phone safe because it’s made of brittle plastic that won’t protect the screen from a fall. The salesman told me this after I bought it. The plastic is already cracking a bit on the sides.

Hm so why keep this phone case? I guess because it still looks cool.