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The Women’s March movement is taking place on every continent, even Antarctica

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Cormorants for Climate

Linda Zunas

Today, millions of women across the world are taking part in the Women’s March movement, to “send a bold message to our new government on their first day in office, and to the world that women's rights are human rights.” The marches are taking place in over 60 countries, spanning every continent — even Antarctica.

Zunas shared a picture of the group on Twitter earlier this morning, who bore signs reading “Seals for Science”, “Save the Whales”, and “Cormorants for Climate”.

As these signs suggest, this march is as much about preserving the environment as it is legal protections for women. In an interview with the UK’s Independent, organizer Linda Zunas, data analytics and market research professional from Oakland, California, noted that she set up the event after she “spent a month after the election mourning the impending damage to the earth that will be done.” She also noted that the non-political march was “pro-peace, pro-environment,” and told The Verge via DM that it included 30+ participants (and some penguins).

Since the election of Donald Trump, environmentalists have worried about what his presidency will mean for the health of the planet’s climate, especially given the makeup of his cabinet and campaign promises.

The group did make landfall in Paradise Bay earlier this morning:

Updated to include additional pictures and statements from Zunas.