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Zoom in on the crowd in CNN’s inauguration gigapixel portrait

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Spot the former presidents


Gigapixel imagery can capture an incredible amount of detail, whether it’s a stunt for a car promotion or if it’s used to capture every detail in fine art. CNN has released a new image of yesterday’s presidential inauguration, allowing you to take in every detail of the event.

These sorts of pictures have been taken before: one was taken of President Obama’s inauguration in 2009, while The Washington Post and The New York Times released massive pictures of of the 2013 inauguration, which highlighted notable attendees or allowed visitors to tag themselves. The CNN image only allows you to zoom in on just a handful of people, including President Trump, President Obama, the Supreme Court, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and others.

The image also allows you to pan across the crowd, and the resolution is just good enough to make out Make America Great Again on the sea of red hats in attendance — at least in the first couple of sections.

Updated to include the 2009 inauguration gigapixel.