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Two of YouTube’s best trends combine in one audio / video delight: the ‘thawing video’

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A rare combination

ASMR is to audio as melting videos are to visuals. They both scratch an itch that appeals to us on a sensory level. Today, I’d like to introduce you to the perfect marriage of both: ASMR defrosting.

This thawing video from YouTube channel Stereokroma is seven-plus minutes of different vegetables and fruits doing exactly that. It combines the strange satisfaction of melting videos, where you watch a substance slowly erode, with the auditory delight that ASMR videos deliver so well. It’s kind of like listening to a roaring fire, except that it’s just frost melting off a blueberry. Or ice cream. Or (spoilers) a peach.

But the best thing about this video is how rare it appears to be. True, there are time-lapse videos to be found, like this one of a lime defrosting, or this jumble of fruit getting real drippy, but they lack the satisfying sizzle of the video above. Dear internet, I have a simple request: can we get busy on the thawing trend now? I bet you can still eat this stuff when it’s done, too.