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The team behind Alto’s Adventure is making a skateboarding game for iOS and Android

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Take me down to Skate City

The team behind mobile hit Alto’s Adventure is shifting from slopes to the streets for its new game: today developer Snowman announced Skate City, a mobile skateboarding title coming to both iOS and Android.

Skate City is being developed in collaboration with Norwegian studio Agens, and has been in the works for close to a year. The team says that they’re attempting to capture “the nostalgia, artistry, and experimentation we love most about skateboarding, while taking players through iconic skate locales from around the world.” You can check out the game’s debut trailer above.

It’s a busy time at Snowman. In addition to Skate City, the team is also working on a follow-up to Alto’s Adventure, and partnering with new studio The Game Band on the somber adventure Where Cards Fall. Snowman has also expanded into publishing with the upcoming platform game Distant from two-person design duo Slingshot & Satchel.

Skate City doesn’t have a release date yet, but you can keep up with its development on Instagram.