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Skateboarding game Decksplash looks like Tony Hawk meets Splatoon

Skateboarding game Decksplash looks like Tony Hawk meets Splatoon


From the creators of Surgeon Simulator

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Bossa Studios — creators of wacky games like Surgeon Simulator and I Am Bread — are back with a colorful new take on skateboarding. Called Decksplash, the game looks to combine the trick-heavy, high-score gameplay of titles like Tony Hawk with the competitive paintball structure of Nintendo’s Wii U shooter Splatoon.

The game pits teams of three players up against each other, and — just like in Splatoon — the goal is to cover as much of the level as possible in your team’s paint color. (The concept has also been featured in skateboarding titles like Tony Hawk’s Underground 2.) To do that you’ll need to pull off tricks, and the higher score you reach, the more explosive the blast of paint you’ll cause.


“You have direct control of the board.”

Bossa may be known for its purposefully obtuse controls in games like Surgeon Simulator, the studio says things are different with Decksplash. “For the first time in a Bossa game we give you genuinely responsive controls,” the developer explains. “You have direct control of the board, allowing you to create your own tricks and combos to get the biggest score possible.”

Decksplash doesn’t have a release date yet, but it’s going into closed beta very soon. You can sign up for a chance to play early right here. It’ll be available on Steam when it does launch.