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Tumblr gets photo filters and stickers, like every other app

Tumblr filters and stickers Tumblr

Tumblr is the latest app to add photo filters and stickers. And while it’s kind of late to the game at this point, Tumblr is at least putting its own twist on the feature with stickers that fit distinctly with its strange, ‘90s-internet vibes.

Filters and stickers will be available inside Tumblr’s Android app, iOS app, and iMessage app starting today. They’ll work on top of both photos and GIFs, and they get applied in a way that’ll be very familiar if you’ve used Snapchat (or anything that’s been inspired by it) before — you swipe to go through filters, and you can rotate, shrink or expand, and position stickers wherever you’d like.

There are over 100 stickers right now (including a corgi, “assorted moons,” and a “wobble grid”), and Tumblr plans to add temporary stickers every so often for special events, like Valentine’s Day and Black History Month.

Here are some Tuesday morning vibes, illustrated by Tumblr stickers:

Tumblr stickers Tumblr