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Every movie Netflix and Amazon have acquired from Sundance, and when you can watch them

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The Big Sick

The Sundance Film Festival is finishing up this week, and Amazon Studios and Netflix have once again descended upon Park City, Utah. The annual fest is an opportunity for the companies to pick up new films and documentaries to bolster their streaming services.

Purchases in January can pay off by Oscars season. Amazon picked up Manchester by the Sea for a relatively high (Sundance-wise, anyway) $10 million at last year’s festival, a move that’s delivered (Casey Affleck controversy notwithstanding) with the film’s recent Golden Globes win for Best Actor and six Oscar nominations, including Best Picture. And so, with the help of Sundance, Amazon beat Netflix to the first Best Picture nom for a streaming service.

These pickups aren’t just fluff — somewhere in this list could be the next big award winning movie of 2017, and Amazon and Netflix, along with the rest of the industry are clearly looking at Sundance this year with that in mind. We’ve put together a handy list of all the movies that the two streaming giants have acquired at Sundance 2017, along with where and when you’ll be able to see the films. We’ll continue to update this list as more acquisitions and release dates are announced.


Long Strange Trip

The Big Sick

Release: No release date yet, but it will be released theatrically


Release: No release date yet, but it will be released theatrically


I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore

Release: February 24th, 2017 on Netflix

Burning Sands

Release: March 10th, 2017 on Netflix

Deidra & Laney Rob a Train

Release: March 17th, 2017 on Netflix

The Discovery

Release: March 31st, 2017 on Netflix

Berlin Syndrome

Release: In theaters early summer 2017, followed by Netflix availability

Casting JonBenét

Release: April 2017 on Netflix and limited theatrical release

Fun Mom Dinner

Release: No release date yet, but will be released in theaters, followed by Netflix availability

Chasing Coral

Release: Later in 2017 on Netflix

Nobody Speak

Release: No release date announced, but will premiere on Netflix

The Incredible Jessica James

Release: Later in 2017 as a “Netflix Original” film on Netflix

Joshua: Teenager vs. Superpower

Release: Later in 2017 on Netflix

The Mars Generation

Release: Later in 2017 on Netflix


Release: Later in 2017 on Netflix

To the Bone

Release: Later in 2017 on Netflix

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