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Fallout 4 mod puts the Iron Giant on the front lines of the wasteland

Superman has arrived

The Fallout series has always had a love affair with old-school art styles, from Raygun Gothic architecture and signage to art deco-inspired iconography and font styles. So it’s only fitting that someone transplanted the titular character from Warner Bros. classic The Iron Giant, itself a kind of love letter to ‘50s animation, into the retro-futuristic wasteland of Fallout 4.

The mod, courtesy of 3D artist Matthew Swanton, replaces the Brotherhood of Steel’s 40-foot-tall Liberty Prime robot with the best friend of Hogarth Hughes. Though this time around, there’s a noticeable lack of nonviolent subtext — the Fallout version of the Iron Giant makes use of his size and eye lasers to lay waste to hordes of mutants. You can download the mod at NexusMods here, and you can check out more of Swanson’s work over at this ArtStation profile.

- Via: Kotaku
- Source: Matthew Swanton (YouTube)