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Netflix now lets Android users download movies and shows onto SD storage

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Small feature, big convenience

James Bareham

It was a truly glorious day when Netflix announced offline downloads, but maybe less impactful for those of you with limited storage on your smartphone or tablet. Today Netflix is taking a step to help Android users stuck in that situation; you can now store those downloaded movies and TV shows on microSD cards.

The latest version of the Netflix app gives you a choice of saving things to internal storage or, if your phone supports SD, picking the external option instead. Until now, Netflix only let you save content to internal memory, which had to be annoying for anyone carrying a phone with 32GB of built-in space and a ton of expandable storage.

Keep in mind that offline content does expire (time limits vary depending on the content), so you won’t be able to store movies or shows on microSD and just leave them there to watch much later. And Netflix notes that the feature doesn’t support any and all Android devices with a microSD slot. But this small change definitely makes offline downloads much more convenient on the Android side of things.