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Samsung's Galaxy S8 will reportedly have both a headphone jack and a desktop dock

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Amelia Krales

Information about the upcoming Galaxy S8 keeps leaking out at a steady pace, and now The Guardian has published a considerable amount of info on the phone gleaned from unnamed sources. First off, the phone is supposed to be announced in late March, and then will ship in April, which matches other rumors we'd heard that the phone won't show up at MWC this year.

More controversially, The Guardian claims the S8 will have a headphone jack, citing "several sources," which contradicts a report from December that it would not. The new report does agree with the rumors about the "all-screen" design reported by Bloomberg last year.

Other information, like the probable Snapdragon 835, microSD card support, USB-C, and a new version of the Gear VR headset and Gear 360 camera are a little more predictable. The real standout for me is mention of a new "DeX" dock which turns the phone into an Android-based desktop computer. Boosting a phone into a "real computer" has never worked as a concept before, after being tried by the likes of Microsoft and Motorola, but I'm still interested to see what Samsung will do with the ill-fated concept.