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Dell now has a convertible Chromebook, too

Dell now has a convertible Chromebook, too

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Chromebook 11 Convertible

Dell is announcing a trio of new Chromebooks today, and the most interesting of the bunch is a convertible laptop that can be flipped around for use like a tablet.

The laptop is fittingly named the Chromebook 11 Convertible. It’s destined for schools, so its form is really the catchiest thing about it. It has a generation-old Intel Celeron processor; its keyboard and trackpad are “fully sealed” to protect against spills; and it has a “rubberized trim” to improve its shock resistance — it’s going to be in schools after all, so it better be able to take a fall.

Google is very into convertible Chromebooks this year

A model running Windows 10 and including a newer processor, stylus support, and a world-facing camera for tablet mode will be available as well, but it’ll be known as the Latitude 11 Convertible. Both versions launch February 7th, with the Chrome OS model selling for $349 and the Windows model for $579.

Dell’s announcement comes right alongside Google’s renewed push to get Chromebooks into schools. Just yesterday, Acer and Asus both announced 11-inch convertible Chromebooks of their own, with one even supporting a stylus. It seems like Google has some ideas about what Chromebooks should be bringing to the table this year, and now it has a few partners getting that configuration out there.

Alongside the Chromebook 11 Convertible, Dell also announced the Chromebook 11 and Chromebook 13, which are Chrome OS incarnations of existing Windows laptops that go under the names Latitude 11 and Latitude 13. Those two Latitude models are getting updated with new processors. The Chromebooks will have older processors but sell at a lower price.

Those four laptops launch February 7th as well. The Chromebook 11 is $219, the Latitude 11 is $349, the Chromebook 13 is $299, and the Latitude 13 is $519.

Update and correction, January 25th, 12:14PM ET: Dell initially indicated that the Chromebook 11 Convertible supported a stylus and world-facing camera, but after publication, a representative for the company informed us that both features would only be available on the Windows version of the device.