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Dropcam co-founder who hated working for iPod creator Tony Fadell joins Apple

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Dropcam Pro

Apple has hired Dropcam co-founder Greg Duffy for an undisclosed position, reports The Information.

The move to Apple is an interesting one, considering rumors of a culture clash between Duffy and former Nest CEO Tony Fadell, who led development on the iPod at Apple before founding Nest. Last year, Duffy said that selling Dropcam to Nest was a “mistake” and criticized Fadell for the way he ran the company, calling him a “tyrant bureaucrat.” Duffy departed Nest in 2015 and continued working for Google as an Entrepreneur in Residence until he ultimately quit later that same year. We’re not exactly sure how Duffy will fit in at Apple, which also boasts a rigid corporate culture.

The news comes just days after Nest rehired its old Chief Technology Officer, Yoky Matsuoka, back after her own run at Apple. The Information speculates that Duffy is expected to be “leading a special project at Apple,” similar to how Apple’s autonomous car team, Project Titan, operates separately from the core business.