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Anyone can make an app for Google Daydream VR now

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Anyone can make a Daydream app now

Vjeran Pavic

As of this week, anyone can publish an app for Google’s Daydream VR platform, which had previously been limited to a select group of partners. As Google’s developer site notes, anyone can make and submit a Daydream app through the Play Store, similar to any other Android app.

The move isn’t totally unexpected, given that Google had previously promised to open up the platform to all developers in 2017 back when Daydream was announced, but it’s a welcome change nonetheless.

In order to ensure that Daydream apps meet a certain level of quality, Google has also published a page of Daydream app quality requirements to ensure that any VR experiences meet Google’s standards. Developers will also be required to provide some unique assets for a VR app, including a 360-degree photosphere and VR icon, along with a Motion Intensity Rating.