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The Analogue Nt mini NES supports Game Genie cheat codes, controller hotkeys, and more

The Analogue Nt mini NES supports Game Genie cheat codes, controller hotkeys, and more


A huge list of retro gaming features

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Analogue Nt mini

The Analogue Nt mini is a device designed to modernize the classic NES hardware, with a sleek design, support for modern televisions, and the ability to play more than 2,000 games including both NES and Famicom cartridges. But there’s more to it than that. Not long after the Nt mini was first announced, its creators began taking suggestions from fans for features to include in the device. Today, the company has released a video detailing many of those it decided to include.

The list is as impressive as it is nerdy. Here are a few highlights:

  • Cheat codes: at any point during a game you can pop into the main menu and use original Game Genie cheat codes to alter the game.
  • Powerful image settings: whereas something like the NES Classic Edition features a handful of different display options, the Nt mini offers the ability to customize just about every part of the image. That includes tweaking the height, width, and even the position of the game on-screen. You can also crop the image if you want to.
  • Adjustable color palette: among other visual settings, you can adjust the color palette, choosing from six options — including black and white — or even loading your own custom palette off an SD card.
  • Hotkeys: in addition to supporting a range of controllers — including a packed-in NES30 wireless controller — the Analogue Nt mini also lets you add extra functionality to them by assigning hotkeys. This way you can do things like open the main menu, reset the console, or power down the machine directly from the controller. What’s more, you can even tweak settings for the LEDs on the controller, adjusting things like brightness.
  • NSF player: this feature lets you play any NES sound files off an SD card, essentially turning the console into a retro gaming jukebox.

Those are just a few examples of what the machine is capable of, so be sure to check out the entire video above for a full rundown of the feature-set. The Analogue Nt mini just started shipping, and you can grab one yourself for $449.