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HBO Go now supports Apple’s TV app and single sign-on feature

HBO Go now supports Apple’s TV app and single sign-on feature


Plus, a much-needed home screen update

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Photo by Nick Statt

Apple’s recently released TV app is slowly picking up partners, with HBO adding support to its HBO Go app in an update pushed out earlier today. The premium cable network’s HBO Now app has supported Apple’s TV software since launch. But now the cable-only HBO Go is getting it as well, specifically the single sign-on feature that lets subscribers store login credentials through Apple. That way, you don’t need to sign in to HBO Go separately when you tap through to a HBO show from within the TV app.

You can now sign in just once with your HBO credentials

As part of the update, HBO subscribers’ viewing habits and other data will be fed directly into Apple’s software. That means if you link your HBO Go account, you’ll see algorithmically generated suggestions in the “What’s Next” tab and you’ll be able to add HBO shows to the “Up Next” list. By tapping on a show like The Young Pope, you’ll be prompted to jump over to HBO Go to view it. You can also use Apple’s universal search features in the TV app to find any HBO programming.

The addition of HBO Go makes Apple’s TV app slightly more appealing, but the software is still sorely lacking in bigger-name networks and cable providers. Earlier this month, ESPN added support for its ESPN and WatchESPN iOS apps, giving both single sign-on, while Disney added support for Watch ABC and Watch Disney app. There is, however, a lack of support for cable providers like Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Charter, Verizon FiOS, and Optimum. Netflix is also not working with Apple just yet, despite recent reports to the contrary. (Netflix shows can be located via the TV app’s search function, but Netflix does not support single sign-on and does not share data with Apple’s software.)

Also rolled into today’s HBO Go update is a much-needed and long overdue “recent” feature that surfaces shows and movies you’re currently watching on the home screen. Prior to today, HBO Go users had to jump into the clunky search bar and relocate a show if it wasn’t being promoted on the app’s home page. So at long last, HBO Go users can enjoy an essential feature that Netflix, Hulu, and almost every other video streaming app out there has provided for years.

- Via: AppleInsider