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Netflix CEO: ‘Trump’s actions are so un-American it pains us all’

Netflix CEO: ‘Trump’s actions are so un-American it pains us all’


Strongest statement from Silicon Valley yet on Trump’s chaotic immigration order

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Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has just issued the strongest statement yet among his peers in the technology industry against an executive order on immigration that has sparked widespread condemnation. In a brief statement made on Facebook, Hastings said that President “Trump’s actions are hurting Netflix employees around the world, and are so un-American it pains us all.” You can read his full statement below:

President Trump’s order has caused chaos today at airports and around the world as refugees and visa holders are being detained, questioned, and denied entry to the United States. Lawyers on the scene at US airports are reporting that border agents have detained foreigners seeking entry, asked for social media details, and in some cases questioned their religious affiliation.

Other technology companies, including Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Uber have also expressed concerns about the executive order — so far in measured and even deferential statements.

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