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Nest Protect can now turn off GE connected ovens when smoke is detected

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Nest Protect

Nest’s smoke detector is picking up some abilities today that could actually help to prevent a fire. It’s gaining an integration with GE’s line of connected ovens, allowing the Nest Protect to disable them when it detects smoke. Since the Nest Protect can tell when no one’s home, it’ll also send the homeowner an alert if it sees that their oven has been left on, even when nothing’s gone wrong.

Nest has been integrating its smoke detector, thermostat, and security cameras with all kinds of devices and appliances over the past few years, but few make as much sense for the Protect as its integration with GE’s ovens. This is the second oven that Nest has integrated with, following a series of wall ovens from Jenn-Air. The Protect also integrates with a connected heating system from Rheem to deactivate the system when smoke or carbon monoxide are detected.