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Deus Ex developer is reportedly making a Guardians of the Galaxy video game

Deus Ex developer is reportedly making a Guardians of the Galaxy video game

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Eidos Montreal, the developer behind Deus Ex: Human Revolution and its sequel Mankind Divided, is reportedly working on a game based on Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Eurogamer and Kotaku have published separate reports that the project is early in development.

Guardians of the Galaxy would reportedly be the second Marvel-based project in development by video publisher Square Enix, which recently announced a multi-game partnership with the comic publisher. The first game, announced last week, will focus on the Avengers and is being developed by Eidos and Crystal Dynamics, the studio behind Tomb Raider. Eidos is also working on the next Tomb Raider game, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, which was leaked last year.

Square and Marvel’s partnership is expected to be “a multi-year, multi-game” deal. According to Eurogamer and Kotaku, Eidos Montreal has no plans to release another Deus Ex game for the foreseeable future. Eurogamer reports that the series was expected to get a third game to answer its many plot-related questions left hanging by Mankind Divided.

The Eidos project is actually the second Guardians of the Galaxy video game in production. Telltale Games, the developer behind episodic games based on The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, and Batman universes, will release the first episode for a Guardians of the Galaxy game this year.